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                                                               Open: Wednesday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

The Greenway Lane art studio-café continues to impress with its blend of art, local produce, and a relaxing atmosphere. The focus on using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from the Mayo region ensures that visitors can savor the authentic flavors of the area.

The menu, prepared in-house, offers a diverse range of dishes that showcase the best of what the season has to offer. From hearty meals to lighter options, there's something to satisfy every palate. The commitment to using locally sourced ingredients not only supports local producers but also highlights the culinary heritage of Mayo.

The inviting ambiance of the café, both indoors and outdoors under the roofed pergola, provides a tranquil space for guests to enjoy. Whether you're dropping in for a coffee and homemade cake after a refreshing walk on the Greenway or attending one of the regular classes or workshops, you'll find a welcoming environment to relax and unwind.

The combination of creativity and a great cup of coffee is a true delight. The Greenway Lane understands this and offers visitors the chance to fuel their artistic pursuits with a quality coffee in hand. It's a perfect pairing that enhances the overall creative experience.

Additionally, the café's unique location makes it an ideal stop not only for cyclists, walkers, car users and motorcyclists. The accessibility and appeal to different types of travellers further add to its charm and versatility.

In summary, the Greenway Lane art studio-café offers a wonderful fusion of art, local cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere. It's a place where creativity flourishes, and visitors can indulge in the flavors of Mayo while appreciating the beauty of the surroundings.



Greenway Lane art studio-cafe or GLAS for short is the only cafe on the Great Western Greenway in Mayo


Greenway Lane brings you a café experience like no other. Located in the lush countryside in beautiful Mayo right on the Great Western Greenway, our premises boasts an impressive setting in the heart of the Greenway. Follow the pink artist  palette signage which leads the way. Our neighbors include a 15th Century Dominican Abbey, walking  trails, loop walks and Rockfleet Castle, to name but a few, and only a short distance from the cafe.

Making Coffee


Whether it’s painting inspiration you're looking for, or perhaps just aesthetically pleasing views, these and more can certainly be found in our arty little coffee bar.


Grab a cappuccino and while you wait, browse the artwork on display.


We care about our customer’s experience just as much as we care about the quality of our coffee, so once you’ve had your first sip, you know you're in good hands. 

The quality of our food is also very important to us, we try and create the best food possible for your enjoyment.

Do you love hot chocolate? Then Greenway Lane, just off the Great Western Greenway, is the place to go. Serving delicious treats as their famous Fluffiest Bunny, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the best cafés in Mayo!



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