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The Great Western Greenway

The World Class Great Western Greenway is a 42km traffic free cycling and walking facility which primarily follows the line of the famous Westport to Achill Railway, which closed in 1937 & we are 500m from the Greenway. 

Situated just off the Great Western Greenway, the Greenway Lane art studio-cafe enjoys a convenient location for both cyclists and pedestrians exploring the scenic trail. The Great Western Greenway is a popular walking and cycling route that stretches through picturesque countryside, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The cafe provides a welcome stop for greenway adventurers to relax, refuel, and appreciate the artistic ambiance.

Whether you're an art enthusiast, a food lover, or an outdoor explorer, the Greenway Lane art studio-cafe offers a delightful fusion of art and gastronomy. It provides a unique experience for visitors to Newport, Mayo, combining creative inspiration, delicious cuisine, and the natural beauty of the Great Western Greenway.

The Great Western Greenway is a 42km cycling and walking path and at exactly half way you will find the oasis that is known as Greenway Lane artstudio-cafe.

A European Destination of Excellence

The development of the Great Western Greenway has been made possible by agreement of local landowners who have allowed permissive access to users to pass through their lands.

On the 8th July 2011 the Newport to Mulranny route along with the regenerated railway heritage of Mulranny was awarded the ‘European Destination of Excellence‘ EDEN.


The route offers gentle gradients and some of the most idyllic scenery in the west of Ireland, travelling through woodlands, across rolling hills and over and under original hand cut stone railway bridges. There are breathtaking views of the Nephin Beg Range to the immediate north and views of Clew Bay and Croagh Patrick to the south. The route forms part of the National Cycle network and it is the longest off road cycling experience in the Country. It is an exhilarating and safe experience for all the family.

On the 29th July 2011 the final two sections of the Greenway, Mulranny to Achill Island and Westport to Newport route was completed and officially opened by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

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Plan your visit

For your convenience, view below the sights along the Great Western Greenway around the studio.


Photo Gallery

Why not experience spectacular views of Clew Bay, travel through woodlands, across rolling hills and over and under original hand cut stone railway bridges from the railway line dating from the late 1800’s?

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