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About us

A unique eclectic space which combines fabulous coffee and a wonderful escape within the local arts scene. 

Our story

I met my husband Michael in Glasgow in July 1998. Michael was working for Royal Mail, I was working as a cook in Mayo, and we both had a taste of the art world in different ways.


We were a couple of twenty somethings who met on a night out. As a result, we ended up smitten not only with each other, but also with each other’s good taste in art and food.

After a few weeks of long distance phone calls and writing to each other every day, Michael made the bold move to pack up and move to Mayo.


You can never have too many dream projects! But it was nothing more than a nice idea until the lockdown. ‘Let’s just do it, together, as a joint venture.’ We had no capital or a business plan, just the passion and drive to make it happen.

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Our values

We are very passionate about art and making an artistic hub for everyone to enjoy. The fine art thinking feeds into the whole process and helps to keep this project fresh and original.


We have created an art studio with a coffee bar that is completely inclusive, we have purpose built wheelchair friendly easels to make it easier for all our clients, fully wheelchair friendly and adaptable for everyone to enjoy.


Making sure that everyone is catered for is hugely important to us. We are always available to chat and currently offer a variety of creative services including workshops, classes, group activities, corporate events and more.

Our mission

  • To create a sanctuary where we encourage creativity, curiosity and community, an art experience which does not limit participants in any way.

  • Our vision is to become a household name in Mayo by running a one stop art studio, art gallery and coffee bar.

  • Our mission is to establish an art studio and coffee bar that will make available a wide range of art classes (paintings, Resin art, Acrylic Pour, Alcohol ink, print, pottery (ceramics) and at affordable prices to the community and other counties across Ireland.


Our vision is that Newport becomes a creative, participative area in which everyone is able to access the space and resources they require to pursue their own creativity, no matter who they are and what form it may take.

Our mission is to provide affordable and appropriate space, resources, projects and opportunities for the residents of Newport and beyond to be creative. We seek to make this diversity of creativity more visible and in doing so, support the creation of cultural, social and economic value within the area. 


I had a fantastic time at Maureen's studio for the Acrylic pour workshop yesterday. Such a great way to spend a day,chatting ,creating and laughing. This would be ideal for anyone who wants to relax,unwind and escape from the world and all that is happening. I would highly recommend a visit and the Afternoon Tea is worth a review all by itself.Thank you so much Maureen. I can't wait to visit again.  


I can very highly recommend the acrylic pour workshop.... Mo is such a patient and generous teacher sharing so much of her experience and giving lots of tips. I was a complete beginner and took away 3 pieces of artwork all of which I absolutely loved.  a very tasty afternoon tea was provided and the interesting chat was no extra cost.if you think you have no talent for art this workshop will definitely change your mind.  One last thing definitely definitely dress for mess!!!!


Attended the Acrylic Pour Workshop a couple of weeks ago... Couldn't say enough good about it... Maureen has 'the gift' when it comes to people!  It was so interesting and such good fun also.  The painting process is fascinating - you DON'T have to be artistically inclined to do this Worshop.  Beautiful setting, amazing Teacher, and as for the food, well all I can say is Maureen is just multi talented ... Wonderful chef also and you will just love it.  Don't think about it, just book it, do it!  Great way to spend a day!  Great value also.


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